Outdoor Lighting Service in Buffalo, NY

We are Buffalo, NY's premier Landscape/Outdoor Lighting Service.

With landscape lighting from Property Optics, the curtain really rises when the sun goes down!

Our LED outdoor lighting may make nighttime your favorite part of the day!

With help from our lighting technicians, you can make your home or property look better and feel safer, more secure, more romantic, more elegant, more fun, more playful, and more relaxing. That’s the magic of well-designed landscape lighting. You’ll notice details you’ve walked past a thousand times suddenly come to life – the shape of an arbor vitae, the mood of a favorite sculpture, or the classic lines of the pediment over your porch.

Enjoy Your Property Year Round With Our Outdoor LED Lighting!

If your warm-weather living space extends out to your patio, barbeque area, or pool, you’ll be floored by how outdoor lighting adds a whole new room to your house. But it’s not just about summer. You’ll enjoy your landscape lighting year-round. One of its beauties is that it can make a blanket of snow on a winter night as breathtaking as a June full moon.

Adding custom lighting to your home will make it look like it jumped from the pages of a magazine – and add value. And using outdoor LED lighting means the cost is much lower than that of traditional incandescent lighting.

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