Lighting Products

Landscape Lighting Service in Buffalo, NY

Property Optics exclusively uses Amp and Volt lighting products and favors LED lights for landscape lighting.

The Amp and Volt brand is world famous and its products can meet every landscape lighting need.

We believe that LED technology is the future of lighting. Recent improvements in the quality of LED lighting have increased their lumen output so that they are now comparable to incandescent lights. We believe so much in it that nearly 100% of our installs are now LED.

LED is a relatively new lighting technology. Although the LED was invented more than 50 years ago, it has only recently been adapted to consumer and commercial lighting applications.

The advantages of LED lighting

• Beam angles can be precisely set and projected.
• No light bulbs to change.
• Uses only 25% of the power output of traditional lighting options.
• Free of toxic chemicals.
• Warranty on all LED chips and all electronics used in residential applications.
• Fewer wire runs and smaller transformers because of lower power usage.

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