Our Lighting Approach

Landscape Lighting Service in Buffalo, NY

Property Optics provides professional lighting system design and installation for both residential and commercial properties.

Our process for lighting up your home or property has these three steps.

Step 1: Assessment

As part of our free estimate, we’ll meet with you at your property, listen to your needs and goals, walk around your home or property, take photos, and check your electrical system capacity. We pledge to get back to you within 48 hours. Our estimate will detail the products we’ll use and give you a total price for materials and installation.

Step 2: Design

No two homes or properties are alike. That’s why Property Optics’ design service takes your whole property into account – front and back yard, entrance and driveway, walkways and staircases, trees and fountains. We know how to design in order to maximize the uniqueness of your property and meet all your lighting needs.

With landscape lighting from Kichler, Property Optics carries the most diverse, durable, and reliable lighting components in the industry. Whatever your lighting goals, Property Optics has the eye, experience, and equipment to turn your home or property into a dusk-to-dawn masterpiece.

Step 3: Installation

Property Optics is committed to designing and installing the most efficient, cost-effective, and reliable landscape lighting systems available. We can install a complete new system or modify an existing one. We know local electrical codes so you don’t have to worry about power to your new lighting – or anything else. We are a Amp and Volt-preferred contractor. Visit Amp and Volt to see why we are proud to be an affiliate.

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